The Five One Review



Time to cross over

Here I stand at our bridge, our sanctuary, our playground.
Memories flow and emerge before they are drowned
Bumping into boulders then fading like ripples.

Hastily hurrying to our halfway spot
Shoes scuffing and hair swirling in the befuddled spinning wind
Pushing me towards this link in our paths

Ripples of excitement spread as we wait
For our chosen poohsticks to cross under,
Bobbing Victoriously

Ripples, heartbeats of unbreakable love,
Hand in hand placing our padlock
Eternalness, the keystone of our bond.

Listening to the wind blow,
Pushing me from where our paths crossed an age ago...
Leaves piling as they fall,
Trees teetering, whispering wishes now wise and tall.

Here I stand staring straight down at the glassy stream,
Seized by sudden vertigo
Was that love, joy and hope all just a misty, foggy dream?
Why must time push us to grow?

Mairi Higgs
First prize in the senior section, ASIBA poetry competition 2016


Images, Livre 1, L. 110: 1. Reflets dans l'eau (Reflections in the Water), Debussy
Pascal Rogé


Joachim Franz Beich (German, 1665 - 1748 ), River Landscape with a Waterfall (recto), 1704/1714, pen and black ink with gray and red wash, heightened with white gouache on blue laid paper, Wolfgang Ratjen Collection, Purchased as the Gift of Alexander M. and Judith W. Laughlin 2007.111.50.a

River Landscape with a Waterfall, Joachim Franz Beich
Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington