The Five One Review


After a summer hiatus (that extended well into the autumn!), Five One returns with a very special theme, ‘Bridges’.

The five poems featured are original works that were entered in the 2016 edition of ASIBA’s school poetry competition. ASIBA is a non-profit association that supports the British version of the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat, a bilingual French-English school-leaving qualification - and, incidentally, a qualification held by both editors of Five One.

The poetry competition was split between younger and older pupils. Three of the poems published here were submitted in the former category, two of them were submitted in the latter. All five caught the eye of the ASIBA jury, and were awarded prizes.

ASIBA invited pupils to write on the subject of bridges. Each of the young poets whose texts will appear on Five One over the coming five weeks had a different take on that theme.

We shall say no more, and let you discover them for yourselves. We hope you enjoy their lovely work.

François and Olivier Holmey
London, 5 November 2016

Our selection of poems, music and images for the five weeks of this theme is available by clicking on the tabs above or through the links below:

I. Week One
II. Week Two
III. Week Three
IV. Week Four
V. Week Five