The Five One Review


From the moment we are born, memories are stored in our mind and speak to us. Throughout our lives they accompany us, consciously or unconsciously. And, towards the end, they are all the more present, more permanent, we can summon them more distinctly and we take them away with us.

For those who continue their earthly voyage, it amounts to libraries disappearing with the departed. However books, sometimes, bear witness to their memories. They are accompanied by the impression of a dream. Then later, little by little, oblivion covers the path and the manuscripts, which no longer mean anything.

But just imagine a world without memories, without landmarks to latch onto and with which to comprehend life and evolution, our own and the world’s; we would be lost, we would be without a compass. For they connect us to the past, show us the present and explain the future.

They are, finally, our most intimate companions.

As the poet says: « I recall.
It is not in vain. »

Jean-Claude Holmey (translated by Carol Holmey)
Paris, 30 January 2016

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