The Five One Review


On Earth

‘On Earth’ is a beautifully written selection of poems by Jean-Claude Holmey about memory, time and dreams. This booklet, co-published by Paravion Press and The Five One Review, contains poems from different periods of his life. Printed here for the first time with English translations in parallel text, this edition highlights the richness of Jean-Claude Holmey’s poetry — and its enduring wisdom.

About the Author

Jean-Claude Holmey is a French writer based in Paris. His hundreds of poems are, for the most part, gathered in four collections, Journey in the Fires of Poetry, The Poetry of Dreams, On Poetic Life and Poetry Continues. He has also written short stories, novellas and an essay. Some of his works have appeared in literary reviews such as Vagabondages, Les Cahiers du Sens, Comme en Poésie and The Five One Review.

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