The Five One Review

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Contemporary Dilemmas

As long as the moon around us keeps spinning
And the larks and nightingales take turns singing,
As long as the bee stings and the dogs bite,
Whatever you do, they won’t think it’s right.

Adverts on the subway, flashing in your face,
Hanging on the walls all over the place,
Persuasive images and convincing slogans
Beating you down like bullets from guns.

Should you go bathing under the sun?
Or get yourself a voluptuous bum?
Spend a night in a Victorian castle?
Probably not, it’s too much of a hastle.

But surely, don’t you think that you’re ugly?
That you should work out and tone that fat body?
Your diet should only consist of zuchini,
If you want to look good in that yellow bikini.

Hush now – don’t listen to them,
They’re only pouring lies into your brain
For you should know that all in all,
Ads are the poison that’ll cause your fall.

Jade Jemmett
Collège-Lycée International Balzac, Paris
Finalist junior

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