The Five One Review

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Early birds catch the worm they say,
The earlier up the longer the day,
You can feel the light morning breeze,
This golden chance is yours to seize.
Now that you’re up, you’re in the game,
And your dreams are not so far away,
It’s time for pro-action,
Start the production.
The others are still sleeping,
When they arise they’ll be mourning
The morning that slipped through,
Thinking about the things to do.
So before you put the alarm on snooze,
Think about all the things you lose,
For being early more or less,
Is the only key to success.
Have I succeeded in persuading you
That waking up is what to do?
If I have, good for you my friend,
I guess this poem is a godsend.

Pauline Vitet
Lycée Georges Duby, Aix-en-Provence
Runner-up junior

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