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The Conman

Look what I’ve got here! I’ve bought myself
A brand-new wig, a beautiful blonde thing it is too;
Look how its fair hair falls so thick and true;
I think it really brings out my healthy orange hue!
It’s great, truly great. Just like he said!
Like who said? Why, my friend the shopkeeper of course!
He’s the one who sold me this wig, you know.
He’s a very clever fellow; he explained to me,
With his alternative facts, just why the blonde wigs
Are so much better than the blacks. He showed me
How my barbed blonde curtains could wall out
The voices my poor ears could not bear to hear. He said
“Do not fear. The problems we have, it’s because of
Those who aren’t from around here.”
He said he’d do me half price on my wig (the Mexicans
would pay for the rest). He said that the problems we face as a nation
Really just have the face of an Asian –or a Mexican.
I hate Mexicans.
I rather like my new shopkeeper though.

Sebastian Porter
Lycée français Jean Monnet, Brussels
Runner-up senior

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