The Five One Review

Through healing and growing, let weaknesses be known and strengths fortified

It’s often hard to admit, but, sometimes, life hurts, just as it also, sometimes, envelops us in joy. It all depends on one’s circumstances and state of mind. Happiness and sorrow are inherent to the human condition, and so are bruises, sores or marks of affection. As we grow, we hurt, we love, we heal, and we learn.

In a time when we are often asked to toughen up, we could also do with a little compassion for our weaknesses. For they too, contribute to our growth. They too, allow us to fortify our strength.

With this theme, we will explore the ambiguities of healing and growing: from the small child who learns to attenuate fears, to the professional caregiver who watches over the physical and mental health of others.

We may see that exposing one’s soul can, in fact, be the epitome of strength. Accepting to be touched – in all senses of the word – by expressions that seek the truth in each experienced moment.

Anne Losq
Paris, 17 October 2015

Our selection of poetry, music and art for all five weeks of this theme is available by clicking on the tabs above or through the links below:

I. Week One
II. Week Two
III. Week Three
IV. Week Four
V. Week Five