The Five One Review

Through healing and growing, let weaknesses be known and strengths fortified


Sonnet To----, On Her Recovery From Illness

Fair flower! that fall'n beneath the angry blast,
Which marks with wither'd sweets its fearful way,
I grieve to see thee on the low earth cast,
While beauty's trembling tints fade fast away.
But who is she, that from the mountain's head
Comes gaily on, cheering the child of earth?
The walks of woe bloom bright beneath her tread,
And Nature smiles with renovated mirth?
'Tis Health! She comes: and, hark! the vallies ring,
And, hark! the echoing hills repeat the sound:
She sheds the new-blown blossoms of the spring,
And all their fragrance floats her footsteps round.
And, hark! she whispers in the zephyr's voice,
Lift up thy head, fair floweret, and rejoice!

Thomas Gent


The Jitterbug Waltz
Miles Davis



Chloris Caressed by Zephyr, Jean-Jacques Pradier
Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington